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Leipzig Innenstadt

Where we started

Leipzig Architectours is a documentation about the city-planning development of Leipzig since the beginning of the 1990s. At that time it was five to twelve in the city. Many of the historic buildings were near collapsing. Thanks to the courage of the citizens of Leipzig the city was "rebuilt" in an exemplary manner.

What our aim is

Our architectural video on DVD as a guide to buildings in the city does not exist for any other city. This film is an alternative and supplement to any printed architectural guide. The advantage is the chance to explain architecture more emotionally with excellent pictures than any book could do.

Our target group

Besides architects, art historians and students of related subjects alle citizens of Leipzig and tourists to this wonderful city will benefit from the video. Even people who know Leipzig quite well will find new perspectives as we look close to details at the façades and visit many buildings from inside.

ArchitecTours in future

Leipzig is the first DVD and a prototype of this format. We are already working on new projects for Munich, Hamburg and Berlin. Of course other European cities will follow soon.


Klaus F. Linscheid
born in Erlangen, Germany in 1957,
apprenticeship in the industry at Siemens,
study of architecture at the Technical University of Berlin and Brunswick (Braunschweig), diploma with Prof. Meinhard von Gerkan,
1983-1985 studies in South Africa,
worked as an architect in several architects offices, inter alia with software engineering for architects,
1995-2000 product manager for a publishing house for electronic publishing,
2000 creation of Architektur und Medien, an agency specialized in media production for architects, such as architectural photography, architectural and corporate videos, multimedia productions, architectural guides

Production Team

Idea, script, direction, architecture photography, camera und editing
Architectural advisor
Basic book
Interview partner
english translation
Special Thanks to
Footage archive material

Technical Data

DVD-Format PAL
Pictureformat 16:9 Widescreen (1,78:1)
Language german and english
Region code 0 (code free)
Audio Stereo
Genre Documentation
Run time ca. 86 minutes
production format HDAV production in 1080i,
optional HDAV presentation-format: 1440 x 810 pixels
NTSC-DVD available on request
Production equipment We work with the most modern digital photography and video equipment.
  • Sony HDV camera FX1
  • Canon digital camera EOS 1Ds
  • Sennheiser microphone technology
  • Mackie audio mixer
  • Canopus Edius NX HDV-Editing equipment
  • Wings-Platinum multimedia production software
  • Canon HDV-Beamer XEED SX 50
film hire Our videos can be hired for public presentation on request. A standard DVD format or a HDAV-video in 1440 x 810 are available.

Possible events:

  • exhibitions
  • architecture film events
  • tourism events
  • any other you can think of

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Special editions If you would like to purchase a larger number of DVDs for business or marketing purposes, we offer you a wide range of options to personalize your company DVD.

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Architecture productions You need an image video about your architectural practice or you need some fine architectural photography? We are here to help you.

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