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Church of St. Nicholas with column replica

Church of St. Nicholas

Nikolaikirchhof, 04109 Leipzig
Classical redisign 1784 - 1797 by Johann Friedrich Carl Dauthe


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With the offer "Open to all", the Church of St. Nicholas offered sanctuary to many people in the critical weeks of the autumn of 1989. Today, the copy of a classical column from the church on the St. Nicholas’s Square is in memory of that period.
At the foot of the column replica, a bronze plaque by the sculptor Markus Glaeser is also a reminder of this "Voting with the Feet".
The origin of the Church of St. Nicholas goes back to the 12th century. Having been reshaped and redesigned several times, it was given its classical appearance at the end of the 18th century. Both the interior and the famous Ladegast organ were thoroughly overhauled in 2004.

Please listen to Nikolaikantor Juergen Wolf on the DVD, playing the Brandenburgisches Konzert from Bach on the organ.

organ column with palms
cassette ceiling
Church of St. Thomas

Church of St. Thomas

Thomaskirchhof, 04109 Leipzig
15. Jahrhundert
Redisign i. a. 1570 by Hieronymus Lotter,
1880-1889 gothical redesign by Constantin Lipsius

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In 2012, the Church of St. Thomas will look back over an 800-year history as will the St. Thomas’s Boys Choir, being the oldest cultural institution in Leipzig.
Also the Church of St. Thomas did not escape regular adaptation to the respective spirits of the times, and the church’s configuration today is that of a late-Gothic hall church with a splendid net-rib-vaulted ceiling. The former baroque furnishings, extant at the time of Johann Sebastian Bach, were removed by Constantin Lipsius during renovation work at the end of the 19th century. Since 1950, the grave of the famous Cantor of St. Thomas is in the chancel.

Particularly popular and always well-attended are the weekly motets by the St. Thomas’s Boys Choir under the leadership of the current Cantor of St. Thomas, Georg Christoph Biller, who you will meet on our DVD. 

Video Church of St. Thomas
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view from east Monument of Johann Sebastian Bach
rib-vaulted ceiling

Church of St. Bonifatius

Biedermannstr. 86,
04277 Leipzig-Connewitz
1929 - 1930
A.: Theo Burlage
Reconstruction 2004-05 by Loeffler Weber architects

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Of particular importance from the 20th century architectural point of view is the small Church of St. Bonifatius in Connewitz built by Theo Burlage, who, in 1929-30, designed it using the geometric elements of a cylinder and a cube. The golden, flat dome contrasts with the dark-blue plastered walls and the red of the brickwork.
Bonifatiuskirche Eingang
Monument to the Battle of the Nations

Monument to the Battle of the Nations

Prager Straße,
04299 Leipzig
1898 - 1913
A.: Bruno Schmitz


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The Monument to the Battle of the Nations is a special type of cultural monument. This, the biggest monument in Europe commemorates the crushing battle between the allied troops against Napoleon in October 1813.
From the vantage platform at a height of 91 metres, the visitor has a beautiful panoramic view of Leipzig and environments. Masks of destiny maintain a death-watch in the "crypt", and in the "hall of fame" imposing figures represent the peoples virtues of bravery, self-confidence, national strength and willingness to make sacrifices.
Schicksalsmasken in der Krypta
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